How Much Solar Panels May Cost You In Australia?

Solar 17 May 2016

When you will be planning to install solar energy storage systems; the first question that may hit your mind is how much will it cost? When you will be having little idea on solar power systems you may also think to go for cheaper. But does it really worthy? Or you should go for a better expensive system in order to enjoy a long-term future investment?

Your purchase is a serious one and for this you should first exactly calculate your needs. Going for the biggest is not always the best, rather start studying the market compare prices and then find out what is the actual best.

Before going solar, you should first think about:

  • How much power you actually need to generate
  • The amount of roof or space available to you
  • The type of solar panel you are choosing
  • The components quality that will be used in the solar power system
  • For how long you are planning to utilise energy solutions

Average solar panel costs in Australia

The type of the solar panel that you are going to choose can bring a huge difference in your price estimation. You will find two types of solar panels crystalline and thin-film. These two categories eventually come with other sub-categories. Generally crystalline panels are comparatively more costly to buy as they are believed to have e long-life span and are more efficient in less warmer climates. Thin-film panels are less strong though and can be bought in much less price.

An approximate idea of solar panel prices may work out as follows:

The cost of installing 3kW solar system                                = $ 7,100

Government Rebate                                                                = $ 2,100

Thus the approximate cost for your solar power will be       =  $ 5,000

Average and approximate cost of a solar system posing good quality along with Tier 1 solar panels as of March 2016 may come as:

3kW:     $4,000 – $6,000

5kW:     $6,000 – $9,000

10kW:  $12,000 – $16,000

You may think or have planned to buy solar systems at much lower prices than that is shown above. But it will be always wise to judge the quality and the longevity of the components and installations which will be truly worthy for your investment not now but also for future.